Recent and Selected Experience

Recent and Selected Experience


I have heard what the talkers were talking, the talk of the beginning and the end, PAO Festival, Oslo, Norway
Lineage, Longva+Carpenter, Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space, Czechia

Red We, a social performance, Tynemouth Flea Market, Tynemouth, UK
Thirst, Longva+Carpenter, Art Ii Biennial, Ii, Finland
Shift, Longva+Carpenter, Kunsthaus Essen Galerie, Essen, Germany

What We Are Not, Künstlerbund, Tübingen, Germany
Of Wanting, PAB Performance Open Festival, Bergen, Norway
Red We,  a social performance, Grainger Market, Newcastle, UK
I have heard what the talkers were talking, the talk of the beginning and the end,
FLARE, Vane, Newcastle, UK
Objet petit a,
CarpWoz with Philippe Wozniak, Sofia Underground Performnce Art Festival, Energy Room of the National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria
Point Out, INHABIT/Neon Arts, Night Cell, historic House of Correction, Hexham, UK
Touch On, INHABIT/Neon Arts, Night Stair, Hexham Abbey, Hexham, UK

Without, CarpWoz with Philippe Wozniak, Salem2Salem, Bodensee Cultural Council, Schloss Salem palace, Germany
Kiss Today Goodbye, a live action on-line, Powell Campus Center webcam, Alfred University, Alfred, NY

Down for the Count (Nede for Telling),
Longva+Carpenter, Kunstbanken Hedmark Art Center, Hamar, Norway
Out And Out, Compartmented, Lyric Theatre, Rochester, NY
Out And Out, Salem2Salem Invitational Exhibition, Salem Art Works, Salem, NY

A Maiden Still Less, Salem2Salem Invitational Exhibition, Schloss Salem palace, Germany
Dis-, Salem2Salem Opening, Schloss Salem palace, Germany
Discrete|Diskret, Longva+Carpenter, NOoSPHERE, New York, NY
Discrete|Diskret, Longva+Carpenter, CONTEXTS: Festival of Ephemeral Art, In Situ Foundation, Sokolowsko, Poland
Come, Longva+Carpenter, Between Sky+Sea triennial, Performance Art Bergen, Herdla Island, Norway

Thirst, Longva+Carpenter, Festspillene i Bergen International Festival, Bergen, Norway

Charme, International Festival of Contemporary Art, Terni, Italy
Shelter, Longva+Carpenter, Rochester Contemporary Art Center, Rochester, NY

A Crossing, Living Walls Performs, city-wide festival, Albany, NY. Curated by Grace Exhibition Space
Hunger, Longva+Carpenter, Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Hunger, Longva+Carpenter, Big Orbit Gallery, Buffalo, NY
Thirst, Longva+Carpenter, on-site at Foster Lake, Alfred, NY
The Elixir Way, Lumen Festival, Staten Island, NY.  Curated by Grace Exhibition Space

Homage, ‘A Feminist Tea Party’ Governors Island Art Fair, NY, NY
Alive Inside, ‘Homemade Burlesque Show’ Diane’s Circus Launch Event, Brooklyn, NY

Again with Gusto, ‘Savoir-Faire’ PERFORMA09 Collateral Event, SOHO20 Gallery, New York, NY

Red Woman, 40° Phi: Live Art in the Parks, New York, NY

First, Kiss, The 52nd Biennale of Venice, ‘Body & Eros’ Arsenale, Venice, Italy.  Curated by Marina Abramović
Avant Garde Dating, a full-week, partnered performance/residency, Wooloo Productions, Berlin, Germany

Red Woman, ‘Icons of the 21st Century,’ Roger Smith Arts, NY, NY
The Vaudevillians, collaborative performance; Wellsville Center for the Arts, Wellsville, NY

Red Woman, Williamsburg Celebrates PERFORMA05, NurtureART Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
Maybe This Time, ‘Gifted Generation’ Hebbel Theatre, Berlin, Germany.  Curated by Marina Abramović
Red Woman, Performance Studies International Conference #11, Brown University, Providence, RI

Deosil, ‘Cleaning the House’ NMAC Foundation, Cádiz, Spain.  Curated by Marina Abramović
Nourish Wish, performance for a woman, a child and live music, William Benton Museum of Art, Storrs, CT
Lick, solo performance, Wilbur Cross administration building public corridor, Storrs, CT
Red Woman, MFA thesis exhibition: ‘Full Tilt’ William Benton Museum of Art, Storrs, CT

Red Woman, MPG Contemporary, Boston, MA
Red Crest, solo performance event, Horsebarn Hill, Storrs, CT


Prospect, ‘XXXX: New Faculty, New Work’ Fosdick-Nelson Gallery, Alfred, NY

The Sway of Themis, Brooklyn College Women’s Center, Brooklyn, NY

Sow, Sew, Reap, Weep, performance for four women, ‘The Judson House Project’ Judson Church House, NYC

La Couturiére, The International Performance Art Festival, Cleveland Public Theatre, Cleveland, OH


images, Longva+Carpenter “How to Drink Conflicting Water” On-line exhibition, Istanbul Performance Art
Of Wanting
images, “Line Drawn” HOWL, Ithaca, NY USA

Shelter video, Longva+Carpenter “As One” Neon+Marina Abramovic Institute, Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece

Legacies, lobby installation “Avant-Garde-Arama: MAYDAY!” Abrons Arts Center, New York, NY

CocoRose+Sonny: it’s an act, but it’s real: a docudrama,
‘now what’ Microscope Gallery, New York, NY

Red Crest / Red Woman documentation, ‘Woman of the 21st Century’ Pierre Menard Gallery, Cambridge, MA
dress and Lick, ‘You Can’t Do That On Television’ Brooklyn Fireproof Gallery, Bushwick SITE Festival, Brooklyn, NY

Red Crest / Red Woman documentation, ‘Black Madonna’ HP Garcia Gallery, New York, NY

Avant Garde Dating documentation, ‘In Pursuit: Art on Dating’ ISE Gallery, New York, NY

dress, performance for video, ‘Fully Tilted’ Sideshow Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY


Associate/Visiting Lecturer, Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK,  Fall 2017-Spring 2018
Associate Professor of Art [US ranking equivalent: (EU) ao Prof or (UK) Senior/Principal Lecturer]
, Alfred University, Alfred, NY, tenured + promoted Fall 2011-2016
Assistant Professor of Art [US ranking equivalent: apl Prof or Lecturer], Alfred University, 2005–2011
Adjunct/Part-time Instructor, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, 2003-2005
Adjunct/Part-time Faculty
, Parsons School of Design, AAS Degree Program, New York, NY, 1998-2000


Artists Bursary, Professional Development for Research Residency in Norway, a-n: The Artists Information Company, 2019
Quality-Related (QR) funding for ‘Fashion, Costume and Visual Cultures’ conference, ENSAIT in Roubaix France, Northumbria University, 2019
STEP Travel Grant for Prague Quadrennial, European Cultural Foundation/Compagnia di San Paolo, 2019
Conference Bursary for ‘Lived Female Body in Performance’ Conference, ULeeds, Northumbria University, 2019
Quality-Related (QR) funding for ‘All By Our Selves’ Symposium, Department of Arts, Northumbria University, 2018
Research and Innovation funding for ‘All By Our Selves’ Symposium, Northumbria University, 2018
Associate Member Bursary, New Bridge Projects, Newcastle, UK, 2018
Conference Bursary for ‘Between Strangers’ Symposium, Glasgow, Northumbria University, 2018
Artists in Residence, Longva+Carpenter, Kunsthaus Essen, Germany, 2018
Arts Faculty Research Funding for new work in Sofia, Bulgaria, Northumbria University, 2017
Salem2Salem International Artist Residency, nominated by Salem Art Works (NY) for Schloss Salem, Germany, and Salem, NY, 2014, 2015 + 2016
Recipient, Faculty Development Grant, Alfred University, 2014, 2011, 2010 + 2008
Studio Residency, Bergen Center for Electronic Arts (BEK), Bergen, Norway, March – May 2013
Artist in Residence, Indisciplinarte, Terni, Italy  (to prepare new performance for festival), September 2012
Grant recipient for residency in Norway, Lighton International Artists Exchange Program, 2012
Collaborator/Participant, Individual Workshop with Linda Montano, The Art/Life Institute, 2010
Invited Participant, Cleaning the House, a performance event/workshop by Marina Abramović; Montenmedio Art, NMAC Foundation, Cádiz, Spain, Summer 2004
Fellow, The MacDowell Colony, Fall 1999
Nominee, Rema Hort Mann Award, 1998 and 2000
Visiting Artist, University of Southern Maine, Fall 1996


Performer, 'Public Address System,' a live sound installation by Helen Collard, GIFT, Baltic Art Center, Gateshead, UK 2018
Collaborative Site-based Performance, 'Generated Image Format (GIF),' with NonTopia, Blackfriars, Newcastle, 2017
Performed Reading, 'The World Becomes So Accurate,' video/audio installation by Terese Longva, Hotel Pupik, Austria, 2017
Collaborative Performer, Bbeyond Open Performance Meeting, Customs House Square, Belfast, N. Ireland, 2017
Performer, 'Manatee in the Moon,' Full Moon Show, a Tom Murrin Homage by Salley May, Howl! Gallery, New York, NY 2016

Copy Editor/Proofreader English translation, "Agnes Nedregård, Performance Works: The Big Toe" Editor: Branko Boero Imwinkelried, Dimanche Rouge, 2015
Performer, 'As The Air Moves Back From You' installation / performance by D. Chase Angier, F-N Gallery, Alfred, NY, 2015
Collaborative Performer, Performance Art Bergen (PAB) Public Meeting, Mon Plaisir, Bergen, Norway, 2013
Performer, 'CocoRose LIVE! In Bed Sty' with Robert Bingham, ‘Superstar Frontierland’ Diane’s Circus, Brooklyn, NY, 2013
Performer, 'CocoRose LIVE! On 14th Street' with Robert Bingham, ‘Model’ Art in Odd Places, New York, NY, 2012
Performer, 'CocoRose LIVE! At the Elks Lodge' with Robert Bingham, Hornell Arts Walk, Hornell, NY, 2012
Director/Producer, 'The Elixir Way' the 2011 work re-performed by a student, Hornell Arts Walk, Hornell, NY, 2012
Performer, 'Teach Me Tonight' and 'More' performance works by Robert Bingham, Miller Theatre, Alfred, NY, 2012
Performer, 'I Think I’ll Play Myself' dance/theatre work by Robert Bingham, Miller Theatre, Alfred, NY, 2011
Performer, 'Circling' site-specific dance work by D. Chase Angier, Alfred, NY, 2010
Performer, 'Diane’s Circus' web project by Diane Dwyer,, 2010
Co-Curator, 'In the Loop' artists influenced by iconic performance works, Fosdick-Nelson Gallery, Alfred, NY, 2008
Performance Consultant, 'Paper II' collaborative performance/installation with D. Chase Angier, Alfred, NY, 2007
Specialist Reviewer, 2nd Ed. manuscript, ‘On Edge: Performance at the End of the 20th Century’ by C. Carr, Wesleyan University Press, 2006


forthcoming: ‘I Live in This Dress: Materiality and Identity in Visual Art Performance’ Framework 60 (2), Fall 2019
‘Żyję w tej sukni: materialność i tożsamość w performansie wizualnym,’ Powidoki: Akademia Sztuk Pięknych im.Władysława Strzemińskiego w Łodzi, N°1, 2019
   (Polish translation of: ‘I Live in This Dress’ in Afterimages: Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts) p26-35
‘Sliding Scale: Oversized Dresses and Small Moments in Visual Art Performance.’ K[]NESH Space, Issue N°1: Scale, 2018
‘CarpWoz’ Performances. Body, Space & Technology. 17(1), 2018. p131–152


I Live in this Dress: Materiality and Identity in Visual Art Performance, ‘Fashion, Costume and Visual Cultures’ conference, École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries Textiles, Roubaix, France
Emergence: Practice Exchange, a platform for dialogue between emerging and established artists,Prague Quadrennial, CZ
Monumental Dresses and Intimate Moments, ‘The Lived Female Body in Performance’ conference, U Leeds, UK
My Artist Story: Beginnings to Current Research, Professional Practices Seminar, Alfred University, USA

Lead researcher/organizer ‘All By Our Selves: Personae, Alter Egos and Other Selves’ Interdisciplinary Symposium, Northumbria University, UK
   Secured full funding for invited speakers: Dr. Robert Bingham (USA), Dr. Amanda Coogan (N. Ireland), Julia Dick (DE), James Gray (UK), Dawn Felicia Knox (UK),
  Dr. P. Solomon Lennox (UK), Sarah Riseborough (UK)
This is ‘Red We’, “Between Strangers” / Take Me Somewhere Symposium, University of Glasgow
Beyond Ourselves to Find Ourselves, MFA Seminar, University of Connecticut
Insight/Expert Panel, Rough Cut, Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle, UK

Image! Sound! Object! Focus!
Re-Search Lab: Performance Workshop, BA Year 3 Module, Northumbria University, UK
Beyond Ourselves to Find Ourselves ‘Reality in Art: Do We Want to Differentiate?” PAB Open Symposium, Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen, Norway
AlterSelf or Off Base? Northumbria-Sunderland Consortium, AHRC CDT, Art and Design Conference, Baltic Center for Contemporary Art, Newcastle, UK

Performance and Feminisms
panel, host: Hector Canonge, TALKaCTIVE: performance art conversation series, Queens Museum, New York, NY

Let Your Body Be Slow
‘Learning to Notice’ panel, moderator: M. Michelle Illuminato, FATE Conference, Herron School of Art + Design, IN

Longva+Carpenter, 6-day Performance Workshop, In Situ Foundation, Sokolowsko, Poland
Performance to Go-Go: Italy, Norway, Poland, Germany, Norway (again)
, Bergren Forum, Alfred University

Moderator, Interview with Traci Kelly and Rita Marhaug, “Liquid Bodies, Solid Minds” Rom8 Gallery, Bergen, Norway
Staging Subjects + Objects
panel with Traci Kelly and Rita Marhaug, Hordaland Art Center, Bergen, Norway
Longva+Carpenter: The Needs Trilogy
, Visiting Artists Lecture, Ålesund Art School (Kunstfagskole), Norway
Performance Art + The Impossible In-Betweens,
Bergen Academy of Art + Design (KHiB), Norway

Performance Workshop, Visiting Artist, Advanced Sculpture, University of Virginia
Performance Art + The Impossible In-Betweens,
Visiting Artist, University of Virginia Department of Art
Visual Art Performance and the Process of Charme,
Visiting Artist, Istituto Istruzione Superiore Gandhi, Narni, Italy
Longva+Carpenter: The Needs Trilogy,
Visiting Artist with Terese Longva, University of Northern Iowa

Performance Art + The Impossible In-Betweens,
Visiting Artist, Studio Visits, Alfred University BFA Foundations
Performance Art + The Impossible In-Betweens,
Visiting Artist, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art

Prospect Process,
Gallery Talk for exhibition XXXX, Fosdick-Nelson Gallery, Alfred University
Lick, a Site-Specific Performance,
Visiting Artist, Site-Specific Dance Composition, Alfred University

A Short History of Happenings,
Dance History Guest Lecturer, Alfred University

The Magic of Presence: Performance Art and Alchemy,
Bergren Forum, Alfred University
Endurance Performance and the Work of Laurel Jay Carpenter,
Visiting Artist, Alfred University Advanced Sculpture


Program Director, Summer Intensive Studies: NYC & Paris, Parsons School of Design, New York, NY, 1994-1996
PR/Marketing Director, Performance Space 122, New York, NY, 1991-1993
Publicist, Mobius: An Experimental Art Center, Boston, MA, 1990-1991


Longva+Carpenter, interdisciplinary collaboration with Norwegian artist Terese Longva,,   2010-present
CarpWoz, interdisciplinary collaboration with German composer/performer Philippe Wozniak, 2015-2018 
Independent Performance Group (IPG), founded and facilitated by Marina Abramović,  2004-2007
Avant-Garde-Arama selection committee, Performance Space 122, NYC,  1996-2006


Northumbria University, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK
PhD, practice-led research; expected 2020
Thesis: This Is She: Tracing Potentials of the Alterself Experience in Durational Visual Art Performance
Supervisors: Dr. Sandra Johnston and Dr. Julie Crawshaw

University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, USA
MFA (with distinction)
Thesis: Nothing Else to Love: Intimacy and Transformation in Artmaking
Graduate Teaching Assistantship/Full Fellowship

Tufts University, Medford, MA, USA
BA, English Literature
University College London, London, England, year-long study
School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA, courses toward BA